19 April 2010

The Best Day of My Life

The other night I was snuggling with Alex in his bed and saying goodnight.  He looked at me and said, "Mom, today was the best day of my life." I thought over what we had done: planted some flower seeds in the backyard, played a game of war, made a big fruit salad, watched High School Musical together.  We had some tickle wrestling, did some math homework, played on the swings in our backyard, did some chores, ate meals together, read some books, took baths, had family prayer.  I sang each of my kids the 3 bedtime songs they choose each night. We didn't really do anything to brag about over the watercooler.  But Alex was right; it was a great day.

I was reminded of an article I read in a past issue of the Ensign.  BYU professor Shirley Klein wrote: "Everyday events in our home can seem so simple that we overlook their importance - like the children of Israel who were smitten by a plague of snakes.  To be healed they had to just look at the brass serpent on a pole, but because it was so simple, many did not do it."

Here's to the simple life!  

24 February 2010

London 2010

Some photos from our winter break trip to London.

A highlander in Trafalgar Square

This hardy Scot was piping in Trafalgar Square just outside the National Gallery. The temperature was mid-30s with an icy breeze blowing up his kilt.

Alex and Grayson are in the foreground. Check out their spontaneous jig...

The Cat

Ellie getting her face painted by our neighbor on the first full day of this year's trip to London.

01 January 2010

Holidays 2009

Alex has declared 2009 to be the "greatest holiday season ever." We kicked things off with a Thanksgiving Day weekend in Vienna and by Christmas Day we had our house full of the entire Kraus family. Fantastic!

13 December 2009

Summer Vacation in Utah and Yellowstone

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California Summer

I finally got around to putting together some pictures from our trip to California. It was so great to be with all my family and to see the kids playing together.

Stay tuned for pictures from our trip to Utah...
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